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10 Tips On How to Win a Girl!

Winning the ladies in the old days engaged exclusively noble knights. Tournaments were arranged, spears and shields were broken, armor rattled ... But, unfortunately or fortunately, the times of knights passed, and in today's world women are impressed in several other ways. Now the question is "how to win a girl?" It is not decided by the art of physical struggle with rivals but by the craftsmanship of sight, touch and behavior with the girl. To win your beauty, you must direct all our efforts and energy on her heart, and only it. So, let's take a closer look, what should follow the advice of the modern man.

1. Develop your own confidence

Believe me, there is nothing more attractive to a woman than confident man. Girls love motivated, confident, enterprising men. Remember the phrase "With him, like behind a stone wall" - it is about a man all the girls absolutely want!

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2. Be persistent, but moderately

If all of a sudden she did not appreciate your efforts and did not reciprocate, do not fall in despair. Remember that every beauty loves being sought. Change their anger at the mercy with the help of all the familiar methods that have become classics: flowers, poems about love, pleasant and romantic signs of attention. Try not be too aggressive in your moves! This can only scare her.

3. Be clean and tidy

If you want to know how to charm the girl, remember: the appearance of a guy with whom she meets is very important. Be neat, careful personal hygiene, do not forget to shave before a date, wear clean socks, brush your teeth, use deodorant, toilet water. And we're not talking about clothes, of course, it must be clean and ironed.

4. Be specific

Mark the goal and go for it, but gently, without emphasizing. When you negotiate with the girl for a meeting, clearly refer to the time and place of rendezvous. In no case do not be late, even if the girls are neutral  to punctuality of men, it will be simply not very nice.

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5. Do not give her too much time

We said earlier that we should not be too aggressive in our courtship. Know how to distinguish a coquettish "no" (which just threatens to escalate into a modest "yes") from a solid rejection of other options.

6. Step outside the box

Be original in everything - in unusual gifts, custom dates or unexpected pleasant actions. Believe us, her heart will be conquered by people like you!

7. Know how to stand out from the crowd.

Find  what sets you apart from others. Know how to do something better than others? Play the guitar? Cook a delicious barbecue? Grow a cactus? It is not necessary to possess supernatural talents to charm her. How to win a girl? Be passionate man and conquer darling with his passion!

8. Think through each step

Make sure that before a date you had a clear plan of action, because the girls love it when everything runs smoothly and the guys keep their word. It is necessary to develop a scheme of "conquest" of darling and strictly follow it.

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9. Be honest

Lies are one of the things that a girl cannot stand! If you want to start a successful, long and strong relationship, in any case, do not start it with deception.

10. Do not become a henpecked.

Caring for the girl, remember that it is always important to keep your own "I", which attracted your darling initially. It is always important to find the perfect balance: the desire to please the girl and at the same time to get your way on major issues.

Taking into account all of the above, you can easily win the heart of your lady! We wish you sincere and mutual love!

Last updated: 2015-02-04
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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