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Bamboo in floristry

On the main sacred mountain of ancient China – Taishan an amazing evergreen bamboo is growing. Its stem’s diameter is up to 30 inches, it is growing very fast and can reach up to 40 meters in height. There are about 600 species of bamboo, distributed mainly in the tropics and subtropics. Because of its high strength and speed of growth (3-4 meters in 6 months), bamboo is used in the construction of buildings, boats, furniture, in the processing space. Paper is made from its stems. Bamboo shoots are edible, the Chinese served them boiled to any dish.

Also, this plant very often takes a decorative role: they decorate the room, vases and chests are made of them, and a bouquet of bamboo can be a real exotic twist. Bamboo can be grown at home as a houseplant. Let's learn together how to use bamboo in floristry!

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Bamboo in a bouquet

In the art of creating flower arrangements bamboo stems are used. They are strong, but in spite of this well-cut and sawn. Bamboo can go without water for a long time. It has a symbolic meaning and is combined with flowers and greenery, making exquisite composition. We would like to open to you one floristic trick: what everyone thinks is a bamboo bouquet, in fact is not. Instead of wild bamboo florists often use stems of Dracaena braunii, which looks very like bamboo. For this similarity the plant is often called «Lucky Bamboo».

Lucky Bamboo

Externally Dracaena stem resembles a real bamboo. Its name is Lucky Bamboo because it brings happiness and  is good luck symbols according to feng shui. Florists say that dracaena is far less whimsical and more supple, that is why it is used in flower bouquets. In order for Dracaena stem to acquire helical shape during its growth it is wrapped with wire.

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Dracaena braunii has a smooth stem, which goes into a spiral. Thick, juicy leaves, which are located on the top of the stem, can be a wonderful addition to any bouquet. This beautiful plant can be combined with flowers such as gerbera, Billbergia, anthurium, rose varieties, calla lilies and others. If you will be presented with a bouquet of three bamboo stems, it will attract happiness in your home, if five stems - they will bring wealth, as much as twenty-one stalk is a sign of complete well-being.

To whom to present?

A distinctive feature of the bouquet with bamboo is minimalism. Therefore, this bouquet is perfect for men. No wonder they find that in many cultures Lucky Bamboo embodies masculine traits - will, strength, courage. You can buy it for a business meeting, business-transaction or formal event.

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To present someone a bouquet with a bamboo  means to give stylish and beautiful gift to all without exception to holidays and solemn occasions. And its positive power will bring even more happiness and harmonies to the recipient.

Last updated: 2021-08-17
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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