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Blue rose meaning

Blue rose meaning.  Blue rose means.Roses have many colours so as their own language to reveal different feels with presenting them. Usually to make such a gift like roses means to show solely feeling of love to somebody. But particularly romantic natures of people can discern more than flower behind this: meaning of blue roses - is mistery, achievement of something impossible. Blue roses are exceptional and enigmatic, so they can be granted to inaccessible and enigmatic people. Blue roses do not exist in nature, they has gained such unusual colouration by means of breeding sorts and special artificial removing by dyeing white roses. There are some tones of blue: for example, lilac tone of roses petals can express glamour, delight and first love.

You can find the meaning of a blue rose in literature as a symbol of prosperity and love to those who seek it. The blue colour is also associated with royal blood, and that is why the blue rose can denote majesty and splendor. The elite of society prefer heights and depths in their business, so they'd highly appreciate your gift.

As a rule, blue rose meaning inner feelings of love, and often unanswered love (symbol of impossibility). But you can intensify language of the roses when giving a bouquet. Make the ultimate experience with a beautiful arrangement of blue and red roses, that would affect as most unforgettable moments with your beloved. These astonishing petals will display to your dear people how much you care for them, what an efforts you can enclose to find a flower which would have such a deep impact.

The idea of the blue flower is to express tender and hidden emotional world, deep moods, secrets, that overfill soul of someone. Blue colour belongs to sky, water, endless space, end of the rainbow has this colour and blue rose means quest for the impossible that never ends, the poetical daydream and reality, searching for mystic, anguish and hope, and sometimes is the melancholy, mood of hopeless sadness. Maybe this meaning appeared because blue rose represents never-to-be-fulfilled wish or something determined to remain as a dream. That is the reason why the blue rose identifies with the Holy Grail and as impossible sacrifice, the chalice at the Last supper used by Christ. In spite of that this colour also represents an element of your creative imagination. Accomplishing the impossible purposes, when we try to tread on a path of untold or unexplained things, our mind can't know words such as blue rose meaning and so the condition of our soul can be described.

Last updated: 2018-07-31
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