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Blue roses delivery

Order blue roses and blue roses delivery.Rose, as a cultivated plant, is known to man for thousands of years and during that time displayed a great number of varieties. Roses are so popular because of their flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors. White, yellow, red, purple and even multi-colored, they are pleasing to the eye of the most demanding and discerning taste. But there is another one type of roses which may be called exotic and special. If somebody wants to make unusual present he or she will decide to order blue roses online. Online shops usually present a great choice of roses and bouquets with them.

Many people may argue saying that they had seen and even had the opportunity to buy blue roses in the shops of their cities. However, such flowers really exist. These flowers are painted. The shopkeepers put a cut off a white rose in the water with methylene blue dye or another, in a few hours the flower will turn blue. First - the larger veins, then fine. These flowers are found on store shelves and they like to say that they really purchase blue roses. Breeders have not turned out the creation of blue roses for one reason. There is no blue pigment gene in the chromosomes of roses.

Supporting the creators came genetic engineering. More than twenty years it took the Japanese and Australian scientists, geneticists and flower growers for the introduction of a chromosomal gene set rose pansy. The first successes came in the year 2004, and at the end of 2009, the company Suntory said that the creation of blue roses is successfully completed.

Scientists have worked out a new type of roses, blue roses. The new variety was called "Applause”. Today it is possible to buy these rose only in online shops. As a rule such shops will guarantee the freshness and safety of their blue roses. Blue roses delivery will take not much time and will be done in a term which will be appointed. Now it is easy to order blue roses online.

Last updated: 2018-07-31
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