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Blue roses planting

Send blue roses. Blue roses for sale.Rose is a magnificent plant, a truly beautiful queen of the garden, and many hundreds of years, growers have tried to make or find blue roses. As a result a hard work has been done and the number of high-quality roses are grown today. But, unfortunately, true blue roses is only a dream and they don’t exist in nature. This is due to the fact that Rose did not initially have the gene responsible for production of blue pigment. And the fact of growing blue roses is impossible in principle - that is the law of nature. But people tend to find creative solutions to avoid this problem. It is unknown who first had the idea to paint the flower with blue paint, but this idea was quite successful. This is how the world first blue rose appeared. Of course we can’t call them a truly blue it should be noted that the coloring process leads to quickly fade. People like to make surprise for each other and their dream to send blue roses came true.

In the Netherlands, a country famous for its craftsmen, and growers have long specialized in the cultivation of plants, went even further. Dutch growers realized the unique technology that can be called "blue roses planting". The technology itself is kept in the strictest confidence - this is understandable, as who would just cut the goose that lays golden eggs? Dutch roses grown Wendell - a pure white rose, with thick petals, devoid of major veins. And then cut flowers by adding special ingredients-water dyes. Dye up the branch to the flower and is evenly distributed in its tissues. The result is a rose with blue flowers, with no signs of artificial external staining, but rather has a natural color and natural scent of fresh roses. It differs from the ordinary (well, except color, of course) only in one. In special circumstances, such as flower shops, cut blue roses are not stored for more than two weeks in a vase and a few (3-5) days. So that is why blue roses for sale became accessible.

So the Dutch method is not connected with the process of growing blue roses, but other methods to get the blue rose was simply not possible until recently, until Japanese Genetics invented the way to make the blue rose planting work. It is still a dream to have blue roses plants but dreams usually come true.

Last updated: 2018-07-31
Section: Articles
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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