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Ficuses: variety and cultivation

Ficus is one of the most common houseplants, and not without reason. These hardy plants are very popular not only because of the extreme simplicity of care, but also due to the organic combination with almost any decor.

This spesies has a huge number of varieties of plants, which are mostly evergreen, they are common in tropical forests, and in our area they can be found in the Crimea and the Caucasus. Few know that figs, too, are representatives of ficuses, and some species even make living bridges! This amazing application of focuses was first found in India, the whole process can take up to 10 years, and such a bridge can withstand up to 50 people! Muslims, Buddhists and Judaists consider ficus to be a sacred plant, and it is always mentioned with great respect.

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Variety in your home

House ficuses strike with their variety, they happen to be both one and several colours, dwarfish, handicraft, in the form of trees, lianas or even of an ampelous form. Since each species has its own peculiarities of care, some representatives of focuses which most are suitable for cultivation of the house are allocated:

  • Benjamin's ficus. This kind is perhaps more elegant than others thanks to small leaves, and it’s look is more similar to a tree;
  • microcarp;
  • elastica. Once it was unfairly christened by a narrow-mindedness sign, but it again takes a worthy place in interiors, as its look is one of the most unpretentious;
  • Pumil's ficus;
  • Bengalese;
  • dwarfish and some others.

There is a kind of ficus, which even indoors brings delicious fruit - figs. This fig tree has beautiful palmate leaves and light and delicate wood. In ancient Egypt sculptures and sarcophagi were cut from it. A few stunted self-pollinating varieties of fig is a perfect plant in the apartment. And the nice moment is that you will not have to wait for the harvest too long: the plants potted from cuttings begin to bear fruit in two or three years.

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Ficus and feng shui

According to this doctrine, Ficus has a very powerful energy that is able to bring a charge of joy and good cheer to the apartment where it lives. Surely you have a question, how to draw a favorable environment into a certain room? We have a few tips that we will share with you:

  • ficus, which is located in the bedroom, clearly betray a peaceful sleep, and if you put it in the kitchen, it will keep the house from hunger and poverty;
  • it is believed that the presence of ficus in a bedroom will help to have a baby for those couples who have trouble conceiving;
  • if you set the pot with a ficus in the southeastern area, it sure will bring unforgettable rest, a state of harmony and discretion. Definitely hot-tempered people immediately become calmer, and people who are not confident enough to become motivated.

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Despite the apparent abundance of care rules, ficus is not capricious. It may take some time to put up with the lack of humidity and soil, poor lighting and lack of nutrients. But if the plants began to turn yellow or dry leaves, it says that it is urgently necessary to provide minimal care. The variety of shapes and sizes allow you to select ficus plant almost any taste, making it a beautiful piece of furniture for many years.

Last updated: 2015-01-09
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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