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Flowers in a Cup

Modern floristry quickly updates with new trends and tendencies. It is easy to experiment with and always welcomes creative approach towards forming flower arrangements. Today let's talk about one of the new and original directions - flowers in a cup.

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The new trend in floristry

Certainly, each of us has very beautiful cups at home, which lie in the sideboard and collect dust for years. So, here is an excellent opportunity to give them a second life. The cup can be used as a vessel for marvelous flowers. It will be an original alternative to the usual flower vase.

Making a floral arrangement in a cup is very simple, such work does not require many expenses or much of your time. And the result is delightful: a cup with flowers looks great in the living room, the kitchen or hallway. In addition, these bouquets are very relevant in a festive table design for wedding setting.

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For such an original decor idea any cup will fit perfectly: with bright and colorful flower pictures, or, conversely, mottled or striped and even pure white. The main thing is to choose the right flowers for the cup and "fit" it into your interior harmonically.

The methods of making flower arrangements in the cup

The first two will describe the creation of mini-bouquets in the cup, and by the third method you can grow pot flowers in a cup!

Method 1

First of all, choose the right flowers for a mini-bouquet. The principle of "the more colors, the better" can be very useful here; lots of flowers in the cup will look like a fragrant cloud. Cut the flower stems, leaving about 5 cm from the head and put them in your vessel, previously filled with water. You can tie a ribbon in order a bouquet to seem thicker.

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A little advice: to prolong the life of the mini-compositions in a cup, throw some aspirin into the water.

Method 2

If you want to make a flower composition according to the rules of floristry, use floral sponge or oasis. It is an artificial soil in which it is convenient to place flowers for the creation of a composition. If you want to arrange flowers that are not very tight, then hide the prominent areas with the help of moss.

Method 3

The cup, as we mentioned earlier, can be used not only as a vase, but instead of the pot. Growing cacti, succulents and other plants in tiny cups is no different from growing the usual houseplants, but it looks very cute and a lot more original than traditional way.

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If possible, it is better to make a few holes in the bottom of the cup with the help of mini-drills in order for the plant to breathe, and excess water to pour out. Put a few pebbles at the bottom, pour the soil for your flowers, and plant them in a cup. Besides cacti the following herbs can be planted in a cup:

  • violets;
  • hyacinths;
  • tulips;
  • conventional decorative grass.

Compositions with flowers in the cups are often an interesting object for photographers.  We hope we managed to interest you with this new course in floristry, and perhaps even inspire to create your own fragrant masterpiece.

Last updated: 2016-07-11
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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