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Flowers in the Hair: Creating a Gentle Bridal Image

One of the most important adornments for girls which were given to them by nature itself, is healthy and well-groomed hair. It has been an inspiration for poets and artists for centuries. Girls have always tried to emphasize the best aspects of their appearance with varied hairstyles decorated with no less diverse variety of accessories.

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Fresh flowers can make any hairstyle uniquely gentle, well-groomed and beautiful. Now hairstyles with buds in the hair are very trendy, they will bring an interesting detail to the image of the girl and put her in the centre of attention. You can turn your image into passionate and innocent, sensual and gentle - the choice is yours! Very often fresh flowers are used to create an image of the bride, thus, they are an indispensable fragment of bridal bouquet.

Combs and barrettes

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Clip-flower is a remarkable and, besides, a universal accessory that can be used almost every day. Pins are smaller than combs, so they suit brides with short hair. They add a touch of romance and elegance to the image not only of the bride, but also her bridesmaids! And for long-haired beauties a comb with floral decoration which maintains a low tuft of hair will be perfect. In this case, you should avoid large flowers, as they may appear unwieldy.


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Floral wreaths have become a trend long time ago, and not just for the spring wedding. The era of lush accessories and long veils gradually fades into the background, giving up for the brevity and fresh flowers. There are several types of wreaths for different lengths of hair:

  • slim bezel with small asymmetrical buds is perfect for a short hairstyle;
  • long loose hair and soft curls look stunning with asymmetric cascade wreaths.

Flower rims

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Headbands with flowers, perhaps, are one of the most romantic spring and summer trends. In general, they are very similar to floral wreaths, but the rim is more compact. Due to this fact the bride can change its location on her head as she pleases. This accessory perfectly matches with casual loose hair, or vice versa, soft waves hairstyle.

Whichever wedding hairstyles you choose, remember the key issue of florists! They have to pick up such flowers that can easily survive the turmoil of the wedding day and maintain their beautiful appearance and freshness.

Last updated: 2016-07-12
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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