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One flower or one million scarlet roses?

Beautiful bouquets of 101 or 301 roses are always expensive, but not always of great value to the person who receives them. Sometimes only one flower can mean for us much more than vast lush bouquets. Although it is said that one person does not do the dance, and you cannot make a bouquet from a single flower, we will try to prove the opposite.

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Flowers for a mini-bouquet

In modern floristry there are such things as "a bouquet of single flower", "mini-bouquet" and "bouquet-compliment." They all mean the same thing - a bouquet that consists of only one plant. Bouquet of one flower is different from just one presented flower that has a floral decoration. Its job is to attract maximum attention with the help of minimal means. A big bouquet may have impressive number of flowers, but the mini-bouquet emphaizess beauty and attractiveness of the flower. Therefore for this role only "self-sufficient" flowers are suitable, otherwise the bouquet will be poor.

  • first and foremost comes the queen of flowers - rose. By itself, this flower is a standard of beauty and grandeur, so in splendid isolation, it becomes a full gift. A graceful design will only accentuate the natural features of the flower;
  • no less majestic looks the lily. Moreover, it does not tolerate the company of other flowers and coexists badly with them in a bouquet. Therefore, it is  even better to give it as a separate flower bouquet;
  • among the three leaders stands the orchid. Its delicate petals conceal a deep energy and incomprehensibility of the world. Therefore, it is used in Japanese ikebana very often.

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If we talk in general, for the bouquet of a single flower the best flowers are the ones with large heads, bright, dense-stems. For example, gerbera daisies, calla lilies, amaryllis.

Bouquet of a single flower: a symbolic meaning

While choosing a bouquet for the woman he loves, men are often guided by a desire to impress her and show themselves as generous, not regretting money, time and attention man to the object of his love or sympathy, and in return will recieve a lot of joy and gratitude. But at the same time very few people remember that the size of the bouquet does not guarantee all of the above.

So if you give the flowers and not just so, but to pass your feelings through them, your ideal option is a bouquet of one flower. One flower plants in symbolic language means "my only", "you are my love for life," such words are usually said to wife or bride.

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Another situation where one flower is better than a lush bouquet is the first date. If you meet her with a beautiful flower in hand, it will show your sympathy, but at the same time, such a gift does not oblige to anything, if suddenly something goes wrong during the walk. In addition, there is also a practical advantage of the mini-bouquet: imagine that throughout the date she will have to carry your gift in her hands!

Tip: flower arrangement also plays an important role in the whole composition. It can emphasize the individuality, character of the flower, and, on the contrary, can muffle its beauty, make it vulgar because of the wrong combination of colors, materials, etc.

Treat your loved ones with a beautiful flower, because, as corny as it may sound, the main thing is attention, and not the price of the bouquet!

Last updated: 2015-03-24
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Author: ua-flowers.com
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