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Flowers in Our Dreams

Dreams are little studied phenomenon, therefore you shouldn't take them very much to heart. Nevertheless, throughout the history of mankind the symbolic meaning of dreams was highlighted, which may indicate events that are possible in the near future. One can dream differently about flowers. Dream with live plants is generally considered to be a good sing. They are more likely to visit people who are recovering from an illness, symbolizing the blossoming health and return of vitality. Sluggish, dry, artificial flowers bear bad news, which will be followed by melancholy and anxiety.

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Dreams about Flowers: What Should You Expect?

  1. Watering a flower bed or pot plants - have a long fight with the current life situation.
  2. If you are presented with a bouquet, it means that you are waiting for a romantic date.
  3. Seeing a flower in a pot means it is time to begin to think about your own desires. You have to admit that you care about someone else, but not about yourself.
  4. Buying flowers predicts the fun that will be at your expense.
  5. If you are walking on a blossoming field, soon you will be free from the problems and find peace in your thoughts.
  6. Replacing the plant from one pot to another foretells changes in life.

Do you remember what flower exactly was in your dream?

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We have already told about the meaning of flowers in a bouquet. But we are almost sure that you don’t know the meaning of dream about roses, for example. Therefore, if the dream consisted any kind of a flower, try to remember what it was.

  • gladiolus foretell a meeting with friends, buddies. Boredom will not threaten you in the next few days;
  • the iris, on the contrary, is considered a loneliness harbinger;
  • lilies are seen due to entertainments and pleasant pastime;
  • carnations, callas bear negative information and promise troubles;
  • camomiles, as well as roses, predict love;
  • lovely campanulas foretell possible disappointments;
  • tulips are not a really good dream for men: these flowers tell about future difficulties. However, for women the dreamed tulips promise material welfare and career development.

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Flowers which name you don't know, or that are unusual, mostly often are seen by extraordinary and creative people. Dreams of this kind say that their ideas and even the most courageous plans will be embodied in reality and be successful.

Other dreams about flowers

Dreaming about many flowers means profit, pleasure and fun.

Wedding bouquet is a good sign for unmarried, and to family men it can indicate the forthcoming quarrels and the conflicts. Perhaps, it is worth being more attentive and careful in the relations with your loved ones.

It is considered to be a very good sign if the flower is big and beautiful. It symbolizes that you are on a right way, all begun affairs will be successful, and a better time in life will start.

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Any artificial bouquets speak about treachery and deception. Stay alert!

Two flowers, strangely enough, bear positive sense: they specify that in your life there will be a guardian angel in the near future. Therefore be more attentive to your surroundings.

Whatever you saw in your overnight journey, the most important thing is your attitude and positive thinking. Smile more often, think about good things and they certainly will come to you!

Last updated: 2014-11-10
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Author: ua-flowers.com
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