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The flower meanings

What do we mean by presenting flowers? As usual, any bouquet is specially compiled for the needs of the private or official environment. Besides, it is treated as one of the most appropriate way out, when it comes to gift ideas. And in ua-flowers.com they can offer you some original and sophisticated bouquets and compositions, which will, by means of the symbolic meaning of flowers, pleasantly surprise your lovers, colleagues and business partners! Any flat or office, nicely furnished and decorated by plants and bouquets of really meaning flowers can be a sort of a small source of comfort, cosiness, warmth, positive perception and mood in the middle of a noisy and dusty metropolis with its rapid and intense life, endless stress and increasingly growing tiredness. There are many design options, dealing with the bounds of the meaning of flowers: from single units (rose - a symbol of passion and beauty; lily - the sign of girlish innocence, etc.) to complex floral compositions, consisting of several plants, placed in elegant vases, pots, original or ingenious planters, as well as collages - bouquets of dried flowers, symbolizing homeliness.Meaning of flowers. The meaning of flowers.

Indeed, flowers and meaning are considered as some very closely related notions. It is true both in terms of their type and color. Thus, chrysanthemum is the best way to express feelings of friendship. These beautiful flowers signify joy, openness, sincere friendship, fun and relaxation. The red color of chrysanthemums traditionally means a declaration of love. White chrysanthemum in their turn mean sincerity. And a yellow chrysanthemum is a symbol of tender love. Orchid is a sign of elegance, wisdom and gentility. Besides, orchids often symbolize love, beauty, and family comfort. Pink color of petals of elegant orchids means pure affection as well. Gerbera - looking bright and reminding camomile in shape - demonstrates, with regard to the meaning of flowers, a secret smile and perhaps a hint of flirtation.

In general, gift ideas dictate, that before you give flowers to your lover, mother, business partner or a friend, it would be good to conduct o sort of some reconnaissance in advance: what type of plants he (or she) prefers, whether he or she suffers from any kind of allergies and so on. An experienced florist will certainly ask about the temperament and character of the person, for whom this bouquet is intended for. Thus, when dealing with an energetic and firm man, it would be more convenient to choose flowers of saturated colors, demonstrating your appreciation, but if you happen to take account of the interests of a quiet and sensible woman, then sober shades would do good, pointing upon your dedication and devotion. It is also equally important to consider the aspect of the age of the client. Elderly people will be glad to receive some traditional bouquets of roses or carnations as a sign of respect, while the younger energetic generation will, on the contrary, enjoy getting avant-garde bouquets and compositions, looking as if the reflection of their individuality. Besides, according to the notions of experts, if you want to please your male colleague, it would be better not to strive to some great variety with regard to the bouquet. "Rich" (composed of various flowers) blossom does not sound as a synonym of a good one. Even one, single flower can be well presented in the correct, symbolic manner. For example, a single Protea, resembling the scepter of the monarch, may work better, than a hundred of red roses.

In any case, it has long become a common and useful tradition to order flowers not thoughtlessly, but with a deep meaning. And in order to accommodate all the details and not to miss anything, it would be convenient to entrust this procedure to professionals, such as ua-flowers, who are quite capable to save you from many troubles, related to the meaning of flowers.

Last updated: 2018-08-20
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Author: UA-Flowers.com
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