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10 Simple Tricks to Preserve Freshness of Your Bouquet of Flowers

You received a beautiful bouquet. It is so nice! Flowers delight your eyes and bring a sense of holiday to ordinary life. What can you do to make this feeling last as long as possible? First, let's help the bouquet do not droop the next day. Below we collected 10 simple tricks to maintain the freshness of your flowers.

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About Flowers

1. To have what to save first you must get a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you do not know how to choose them you can use the service of flower and gift delivery — such a service guarantees you the highest quality of bouquets.

2. Even if you like bouquet wrapping you have to get rid of it. Flowers do not like dense films and tight waists. Free them from the wrapper, expand them and let them ‘breathe’.

3. Do not forget that plants do not like changes of temperature. Therefore, when you bring a bouquet from a cold street to a warm apartment try to find a cool place to let your flowers adapt to the environment; this may be a porch or gazebo. The same relates to summer: turn off the air conditioner in your apartment before you bring in a bunch of flowers.

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4. Then take care of the bouquet itself: inspect each flower, cut the thorns and leaves that are in the water. They rapidly decompose creating an environment that can kill the whole composition. Tear off mashed leaves and dead flowers. They not only look unsightly but also seize the strength and power from healthy parts of plants.

5. Trimming the stems is very important moment for the preservation of flowers. Place the ends of the flowers under water running from a tap or put them in a basin or tub with cool water, then make a bevel cut with a sharp knife. This must be knife, not scissors, so that you would not crush the stem and disturb the ways that deliver the water to the flower! And this must be done under the water, not in the air, because the air may block vessels and prevent feeding the plant with the moisture!

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6. For better adaptation to the new environment leave the plants in the water for 30-60 minutes.

About Water

7. Remember that high quality water is the most important element for preservation of your bouquet. It should be cool, settled or, ideally, boiled.

8. You can add some means to support the viability of your flowers: aspirin, sugar or salt. To prevent efflorescence of your water make a weak solution of potassium permanganate, pour some alcohol or vinegar. You can also use ready-made compositions, such as ‘Chrisal’, sold on flower salons.

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9. Be sure to watch out for cleanness and freshness of the water. Change it every day. It is also important to periodically cut the stems.

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10. Finally! Put the vase in a cool place, away from windows and radiators, so that sun and heat would not pull moisture from the leaves and buds. Drafts are harmful for flowers, too. If you want to make your bouquet feel just great, spray it with water sometimes.

Flowers refresh our everyday lives and make them more colorful and bright. If you take care of your bouquet, it will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks. Afterwards, wash the vase thoroughly — for your new and even more beautiful bouquets!

Last updated: 2014-10-17
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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