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Heart of Roses Is the Best Gift for Your Loved One!

Presenting flowers is a certain way to pass your emotions to close people. Heart of roses will be the best composition which will hint about your romantic feelings. It is possible to present it not only to your girlfriend or wife. Modern florists offer different design options of flowers in the form of heart. Let's look at the most popular ones, this will help us understand for whom they should be given.

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Classical romantic gift

There is no woman in the world who would not like to receive the heart of roses. Scarlet and pink, these compositions are classic and appear to be the most popular option. After all, these colors represent romance and passion, and in addition they combine perfectly in the shape of heart - another symbol of love.

In order to make the composition more elegant and luxurious florists like to add different elements of decoration, like rhinestones and beads. They can be placed along the contour of the heart or on top of the flowers, or tied to the handle on all sides - you will create an impression of a small curtain. Very beautiful and unusual!

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A more interesting and colorful option is heart of roses and lilies, because it takes two or more colors. For example, a well blended red and pink will be a beautiful and tender combination they can also add white. In order to make the composition look more colorful, different shades of coral, yellow or orange are added.

Hearts with other flowers

Such compositions can also be presented to mother, grandmother or sister with a little change contributed. If you want to get rid of the notes of romanticism it is possible to combine different types of flowers. Your heart of flowers will look contrast and bright, when you use various shades of buds.

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Our florists offer, for example, to add green chrysanthemums, and white orchids and carnations to the pink roses. That will highlight the tenderness of the bouquet, especially if decorated with red berries of hipericum. This heart looks very stylish and interestingly and most importantly it conveys your love and do not look too romantically, which allows you to present it to any loved one.

Hearts with candies and fruits

You can also lay out half of the heart with flowers, and the other half with sweets. Chocolate candy in beautiful wrappers is a most common option, but you can add fruits as well. The heart of red roses and strawberries becomes very popular, and it is not surprising!

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You can arrange these additional elements in various ways. For example one half of the heart will be made of flowers, and the other half of sweets or fruits. It is also possible to move from edges to the center. In this case the contour will be created by beautiful flower buds, and the center will be filled by whatever additional element you choose.

There are lots of design options, but you can use your imagination and come up with your own. If you choose the right flowers and plants for the composition, your heart will become a perfect gift to any occasion!

Last updated: 2014-11-14
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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