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How to Choose a Deluxe Bouquet and Present it Without Any Harm

Decided to present your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of epic proportions? - Do not rush! Firstly you have to find out whether you will be entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Although the main record can hardly be beat: for the wedding of Prince of Qatar a giant bouquet  was made with the height of 15 meters and a weight of 42 tons, and the area occupied by all this greatness of roses was 800 square meters! Unfortunately and to an utter surprise, a photo of a large bouquet wasn’t preserved anywhere.

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Nothing is impossible, therefore, if there is enough desire and means to give a huge bouquet of flowers, you are only welcome! Any woman would be happy to receive something grandiose from her loved one And that is something really was happiness, we will tell you on the example of our bouquets what to consider when choosing this kind of a surprise:

  • roses are beautiful, versatile, everybody love them without exception. For the wife, girlfriend and the one that you know for a long time, you can safely choose red, yellow, white or assorted colors;
  • If you are not sure about the preferences of the lady or you are not quite familiar with her, choose the classic colors, avoiding any extravagance;
  • for lovers of originality, bright natures and eccentric ladies you can choose something more innovative. For example, the composition of blue roses, or any other formed in contrasting combinations.

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Not only roses are considered to be noble representative of the flora. The girl will be especially overjoyed if she sees, for example, a huge basket of favorite tulips, carnations, hydrangeas or a mix of seasonal flowers. The main condition for all flowers is their freshness. So do not buy a huge bouquet of flowers in the nearest stall: storage conditions there probably will not meet the standards, and the quality of the plants can only be guessed. Better not to be lazy and visit a professional floral shop or just simply use the services of online flower shop. In a highly competitive, they value their credibility and reputation. And we only need to examine the reviews on the Internet to choose a good website or online shop.

How to present a giant bouquet without harm to health

To the girl, wife, mother, friend, guest of honor were not crushed by the weight of a giant gift, plan a delivery in advance. We offer you a few tips for making a huge bouquet look spectacular and safe:

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  1. Say "no" to a huge bouquet on dates on foot. Do not try to drag an armful of 30, 50 or even 101 roses, for example, on a date in the park. How is a girl supposed to walk with all this beauty?  This gift is not for a walk outside, but if left inside the car, and then create an unexpected surprise - the effect of it multiply several times. The latter will depend on the type of temperament of your lady.
  2. Convenient forms. We are talking about the composition in a basket. They are easy to carry, hold in your hand and can be neatly put in a restaurant, café or in bed near you sleeping beloved. Say "yes" to a basket of flowers.
  3. Express delivery. Definitely this is a "yes". This option has two indisputable advantages: the effect of surprise + delivering straight to the house, a restaurant, a hotel room - wherever you want! You do not have to worry about transporting a huge bouquet of flowers, and then how to remove it from the passenger compartment, so as not to damage the buds, and most importantly  how to look dignified and courageous when your hands and knees trembling under the weight this beauty.
Last updated: 2014-12-17
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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