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How to Replace a Christmas Tree: 7 Creative Ideas

Never before modern society was so worried about saving nature. Fur clothing is replaced by artificial or those obtained by non-violent that is welcomed not only by fashion, but also PETA. Garbage is processed and sorted, alternative sources of energy are introduced, our society is becoming more and more eco-friendly. So, when New Year is near, we wondered about proper choosing of Christmas trees or, as Greenpeace insists, her man-made alternatives.

We found 7 creative ideas how to get a Christmas tree without doing any harm to Mother Nature:

1. If you cannot imagine a New Year’s celebration without tangerines, pine needles’ smell and dressing up your own Christmas tree, we have a solution for you. It is acceptable to purchase a small coniferous tree in a pot and decorate it! This way you will get a sense of celebration, holiday and good mood. When the New Year holidays come to an end, it can be planted in the garden near your house, given back to the forest care, or you can simply leave it on your balcony till next year. This option is becoming more popular and affordable than buying a cut-down live Christmas tree.

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2. An excellent solution is to lay out the Christmas tree of pillows or soft toys. But such a "plush" version is more suitable for home rather than for office. Note that if you have kids or pets, this "tree" is very safe.

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3. The office option could be Christmas tree composed of books or magazines. It surely sounds unusual, but looks even more interesting, especially if it is beautified with lights and other New Year's decorations.

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4. Who said Christmas tree should be volumetric? The idea of a wall tree is in no way inferior in its beauty and originality. It can be laid out of the holiday decor or fabric, wood planks, frames with photos or drawings on the wall with washable markers. If your house has a large board, draw a tree with crayons on it. Use your creative imagination and come up with your own designs of Christmas tree, and it will definitely be unique.

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5. An alternative for Christmas tree could be a composition of dried or artificial branches. You can place it in a vase or attach it to a wall and decorate with Christmas tree toys. However, the decor should be chosen not too heavy in order not to break branches. To create the effect of snow-covered branches it is advised to paint them white or spray a little bit of artificial snow.

6. You can also put a cone tree, which can be covered with fabric, paper pasted decorating or even with candy and other sweets attached to it.

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7. An artificial green Christmas tree remains out of competition, which can be distinguished from the real one only by smell. However, there are also its colored options: white, blue, or silver Christmas trees are very popular for their mysterious look in the interior.

Let your home interior be nice and cozy, and the atmosphere give a feeling of a holiday!

Last updated: 2014-11-21
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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