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Create a spring mood for yourselves and your families on March 8

Most articles on March 8 focus on how to surprise and congratulate the women on this day, what gift to choose for mother, grandmother, wife, colleague. In the pre-holiday period everybody’s  eyes are on women. But behind the scenes on March 8 is also a celebration of spring. It is a time when you can enjoy the onset of warmth and the rebirth of nature from hibernation. Therefore, our article on how to create a holiday on March 8, not only for yourself but also for the rest of the family.

Meet the spring outdoors

There isn’t enough time to finish a fun time of the winter holidays, as we start to think that winter is too long, and all are looking forward to the spring heat. But as soon as it comes, we immediately hide in our homes. Why not get out into nature, walk the streets, enjoy the birds singing, and just get some fresh smelling spring air?

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Especially this question is of current interest on 8 March. Indeed, instead of taking guests inside, you can go on his first outing this year in a forest glade, or by the lake (of course, if the weather permits). Or, for example, to open the holiday season with wine and barbecue in the cozy wicker chairs. Or you can just walk anywhere with your loved one or family, being charged with vitality and positive vibes. And in the evening you can celebrate International Women's Day at home.

Garnish your apartment with flowers

If a walk still did not work, then create your own spring right in your apartment. It's enough to put a small vase of seasonal flowers on a festive table, and their pleasant aroma will spread throughout the apartment. First of all, it is a symbol of Women's Day - Tulips - sunny yellow and flame-red, soft pink and purple velvet. But do not rush to buy them in advance, it is possible that your man has already taken care of it.

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In addition, in this day primroses are more than appropriate: buttercups, crocuses, hyacinths, snowdrops. Tiny elegant bouquet can be put in a special small bowl or even a nice glass for wine or champagne. If flowers are not cut, and bloom in a pot, place them on the window sill, but so that such beauty will not be closed by the curtains.

In addition to the bouquet, you can decorate your interior with a wonderful topiary, which is easy to do and looks at this expensive and delicious. And if you are fond of Eastern cultures, you probably will prefer ikebana.

Focus on the vegetables in a festive dinner

Pondering festive menu for dinner, do not forget to include the fresh vegetables that have already appeared by this time on the markets. Light snacks and fresh salads will please your family and guests with more than heavy mayonnaise dishes with lots of meat, potatoes or fish. Your treats should filled with with vitamins, the stock of which many already come to an the end of this time.

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We hope that through our advice you will get a wonderful holiday of spring, nature and life. Happy Holidays!

Last updated: 2015-03-02
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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