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The Most Interesting Facts about Valentine's Day

With the onset of the long-awaited Valentine's Day the air is filled with the scent of roses, love pheromones float in an atmosphere, and gift shops and flower stalls fill up with empty shelves. Chocolates, flowers, rose petals, wrapping paper and lots of happy faces - this is how the streets look like on this fateful day. What is the history of the festival, who was Saint Valentine and how it has earned its status as had the first valentine - we've heard this a thousand times. But as it turned out, there are still many interesting facts about February 14, you have not even heard. Therefore, we decided to share this information with you, and you, in turn, will be able to surprise someone else with your knowledge.

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About the holiday

  • ebruary 14 is not celebrated as a holiday of love everywhere. For example, in Finland Valentine's Day is a day of friendship, and the Germans celebrate February 14 as a Day of Mental Health, as Valentine's Day is also the patron of the insane;
  • Residents of some countries congratulate not only lovers on this day. The British, for example, send postcards with love to their pets, especially dogs and horses :) On February 14 Finns congratulate their mothers, since they do not have March 8 or an analogy of the holiday. And the Japanese main subject for congratulations on this day are men, and they are showered with gifts;
  • in Iran and Saudi Arabia, Valentine's Day is prohibited and violators pay big fines. Extremely negative attitude to the holiday have some Christian priests, which, however, did not prevent it from being the most popular celebration in the world, after Christmas:
  • the most beautiful and majestic tribute to love is Indian Taj Mahal. The history of its creation is very touching and romantic. Great Emperor Shah Jahan ordered to build the temple in memory of his late wife. Construction began in 1934, and 22 years later the world witnessed a beautiful symbol of eternal love.

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Gifts for February 14

  • despite the fact that now many strive for originality, the most popular gifts on Valentine's Day are still flowers and candy. Only in America over the festive period 108 million roses are sold (mostly red) and chocolates for 692 million dollars are bought. Giving sweet waffles, marzipan, candy comes  from old times, when ordinary sugar was in short supply. The Italians call this holiday sweet because a major gift on this day was considered to be sweets.;
  • by the way, flowers as a gift are bought mostly by men, or rather 73% of the total number of sold flowers, and only 27% are bought by women;
  • every year on Valentine's Day about 1 billion Valentine cards are sent around the world, which is the highest number after the Christmas cards;
  • Oddly enough, but the largest number of valentines are sent to teachers. In addition to lovers, they recieve congratulations on this day from pupils, their parents and relatives;
  • the authors first love quatrains, which are now so fashionable to write on valentine cards were romantic French. Although the oldest poem about love is believed to be the inscription on a wooden plaque made by the Sumerians more than 3500 thousand years ago;
  • every year in the Italian city of Verona comes about 1000 letters to Shakespearean heroine Juliet.

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So that is what we did not know about the Day of all lovers. But pulling theory should proceed to practice, so do not hesitate to give presents to your second half. You can choose flowers, sweets and many other things in our section right now.

Last updated: 2015-02-11
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Author: ua-flowers.com
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