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Liquid Flowers by Jack Long

The flowers, with its beauty, have long been attracted to all creative people: painting pictures, taking wonderful photos with them, inspiring designers to create original costumes. Everyone sees something different, special in these gifts of flora and it allows people to express their creativity.

Liquid flowers
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Jack Long – the American photographer who works with high-speed shooting and simple colored water. The photos are so extraordinary and it is difficult to imagine that it`s not a creation of graphic editors! The author has repeatedly stated that he never used the Photoshop and all that we see - one exposure. Jack cleverly calculates the moment when a drop of water tinted in acrylic is braking on different surfaces.

Liquid flowers
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But you need to have a talent from God, lightning-fast, imaginative and extensive experience to capture the colored water so that it looks like a multicolored plants, beautiful exotic flowers in pots and vases.

Photographer does not need a bulb, pots or seed to grow a skilled flower. Needless to say, that the creation of this masterpiece takes more than one week. During the six months it was created only about 10 arrangements, but what a beauty! The creation of each finished shot takes more than one month of work, starting from the composition, selection of color, gamma and thickeners, ending with a series of high-speed shots.

Liquid flowers
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Snapshot technology is unique, and Jack keeps it in the strictest confidence. We only know that he thinks over every detail and it seems like master tames the water and it obediently takes the form that he wants to see.

Although these "flowers" are amazing by themselves, it is the Long`s ability to create floral and botanical shapes of ink that reduces the viewer's mind. Furthermore, the photographer claims that these photos are taken on the first try without graphic editors.

Liquid flowers
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Anyone's guess how he does it. But everyone, who has ever watched this process, goes out of the studio charmed, captivated with his original way and style of work, as well as talent and skills.

Liquid flowers
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Although, you can`t give this flower your girlfriend but she will certainly be glad to see the process of creating the favorite plants. And her gratitude will be truly boundless, of course, if she likes contemporary art and she is a little bit romantic.

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Last updated: 2015-08-12
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiia Art
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