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10 Myths About Men's Bouquets

Myth #1: Men Do Not Like Flowers

Well, yes, of course, if you're a boy, guy or man, then you should not admire the beauty of nature and its creatures.You must be the defender, warrior. You need to know everything about technologies, cars, tanks and planes. But is it fair? All people are different, and many men become biologists, agronomists and even florists. Maybe this happens because men can love flowers, too?

Myth #2: Man with Bouquet of Flowers Looks Ridiculous

This statement is hard to accept. Perhaps, a man will look ridiculous with a ridiculous bunch of flowers. But if you give him a stylish, elegant composition then he will look great, very handsome and harmonious.

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Myth #3: Man Cannot Give Flowers to A Man

What about sports? At the champion ships and Olympic Games respectable men give flowers to the winners of the competitions. And male President presents state awards to male holders with a bouquet of flowers. In certain situation this is absolutely appropriate!

Myth #4: There Are Very Few Reasons to Give Flowers to A Man

Yes, there are only a few obvious occasions such as February, 23 (Defender’s Day) in ex-USSR or birthday to please a male friend or business partner with a bouquet. But there are other reasons for such a gift: end of an important project, defense of a thesis, conclusion of a big deal, and so on, this is just a beginning of the list. You surely can continue it, can’t you?

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Myth #5: Men’s Bouquets Cannot Be Bright

This is not true for all. Tastes may differ. Conservative people usually prefer darkbouquets in one color or one scheme.Young and restless like dynamic color combinations interspersed with exotic plants.

Myth #6: Men’s Bouquets Cannot Contain Unusual Flowers

Traditional flowers are really more appropriate in compositions for men. But if you do not know these subtleties of floristic you can bravely rely on preferences and tastes of the person you intend your bouquet for.

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Myth #7: Man Should Be Given with One Flower

Undoubtedly, giving such a simple, no frills bouquet is a sure option. But this is not a mandatory rule. Moreover, someone may simply not understand such a gift. For example, this is not a good idea for a business partner you sign a long-term and expensive contract with.

Myth #8: There are Male Flowers and Men’s Bouquets Should Consist of Them

What flowers are normally given to men? Gladiolus, daffodils, irises, dahlias and lilies. And women normally receive daisies, peonies, orchids... However, many experts do not divide flowers to male and female that precisely. So be creative — create your own myths! Feel free to ask a florist to include a particular flower in your composition dedicated to a man — and this way decide that the flower will be ‘male’.

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Myth #9: Men’s Bouquet Should Have Certain — Extended and Asymmetric — Form

Not true. If you need to congratulate a footballer make an online order for a bouquet shaped as a ball. This will be a hit among the gifts! Contact our experts, and they will help you create a memorable flower masterpiece.

Myth #10: Men’s Bouquet Cannot Be a Good Gift

Usually flowers are an addition to something more substantial. But this view is debatable. After all, there is a great option package — the baskets! They allow you to fit a lot of useful and desirable items — from flowers to golf balls and rods or a box of good cigars.

Make good presents, give flowers and wish heartily. Both women and men love it!

Last updated: 2018-08-20
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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