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How to Make a Declaration of Love with the Help of Flowers: Tips and Tricks

Declaring your love to a woman is a very important and exciting event at all times and for all ages. Someone tries to win the heart of his lady with expensive gifts. Someone does it with a hundred of delicate, passionate and romantic letters. But here's an easier and always winning way express your love with flowers. Why, you have no idea how to do it? Well tell you everything!

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Symbolism of Flowers and Colors

We all are used to declarations of love made with red roses which symbolize the ardent passion. But this makes us unconsciously forget that the queen of flowers is not the only helper in this affair. Here are some other options:

  • a bouquet of orchids will be an expression of great gratitude for all the positive changes that a chosen one brought in man's life; 
  • tulips will carry a message of burning love, and yellow ones will be also a wish of well-being;
  • a bouquet of irises symbolizes a desire to build a strong family; 
  • carnations show sympathy that someone is feeling shy or afraid to express with words or other actions; 
  • selecting a bouquet of chrysanthemum a man can show how much he appreciates the individuality of his lady; 
  • a small bouquet of delicate violets can be presented as a symbol of friendship and loyalty.

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As already mentioned, the color of the composition is also important. Red is a symbol of life and love, white of purity and innocence, green means hope, yellow joy, blue fidelity, and purplegreatness.

And what do the stars say? 

You can also use the advice of astrologers and give flowers according to zodiac signs:
  1. Aries will appreciate gentle violets; 
  2. Taurus  daisies and lilies; 
  3. Gemini daffodils and roses; 
  4. Cancers lily and chamomile; 
  5. Leos sunflowers and chrysanthemums; 
  6. Virgins prefer asters;
  7. Librans a bouquet of pansies or multicolored bunch of various plants and flowers; 
  8. Scorpios like chrysanthemum and camellia; 
  9. Sagittarius cornflowers; 
  10. Capricorns white carnations, poppies and bluebells; 
  11. Aquarians will enjoy blue hyacinths; 
  12. Pisces will be always happy with anylilac, purple and blue flowers.

Your best assistant will be your fantasy and UA-Flowers.com!

However, not everyone knows the language of flowers and their shades. We recommend you to rely on your own intuition and give your loved ones flowers as often as possible! And if you want to make a really original declaration of love, then take your girl to a place where flowers grow and give her all the fields and plantations in one go!

Do not hang your hat if you dont have enough money or fantasy to realize your dream. Our specialists can always assist you with advice on how to make your declaration of love beautiful, unusual and effective without making you bankrupt. And our professional florists and managers will help you select or create the rightbouquet 7 days a week. If appropriate, it maybe complemented with sweets or a fluffy toy. And thanks to our fast delivery service it will be brought to the right place and at the right time. Declare your love and show your feelings together with us!

Last updated: 2014-09-24
Section: News
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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