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How to Assemble a Beautiful Bouquet: Step by Step Photos

Not everyone has the opportunity to be a  spectator of a professional florist work. Meanwhile, knowing the technique of making flower arrangements will allow you to create an alluring, original and harmonious bouquet with your own hands. We prepared the guidelines for those of our readers who want to learn the basics of assembling a bouquet.

How to Assemble a Beautiful Bouquet: Step by Step Photos
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Beautiful Bouquet: Photo Instructions 

First, decide what flowers you want to include in the arrangement. Their diversity will make your bouquet unique, salient and alive. Win-win variant selecting buds in different shades of the same colour. For example, some flowers may be dark purple, some lilac, and the others pale pink. Freshen the combination with greens and accentuate it with white and milky cream buds. The greenery may be represented by various leaves and decorative twigs, as well as green flowers. We have already told you how original green bouquets may look. And you can add uniqueness to your composition by adding some of them.

How to Assemble a BeautifulHow to Assemble a Beautiful Bouquet: Step by Step Photos
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When you create a nosegay we recommend using the technique of spiral assembling. It allows you to create three-dimensional arrangments even of a few elements. Use several different flowers and a few sprigs of greenery or simply leaves as a basis. Place the rest of the flowers around so that the neighbouring buds were different rose and chrysanthemum, rose and Eustoma, chrysanthemum and carnation, and so on. Composed like this the bouquets will look more riveting. If the arrangement is not too big one floral tape will be enough to secure it tight. When the composition is ready carefully trim the stems.

 How to Assemble a Beautiful Bouquet: Step by Step Photos
See photos in full size

A bouquet assembled in a spiral and with trimmed stems can stand on a table without any additional support. Adorn the bouquet with interfacing: you can either artistically fold it or use multiple layers of the material. Choose a colour that will beautifully emphasise basic tones of the floral composition. Complete your decoration by tying up the base of the bouquet with a ribbon or raffia. Your unique composition is ready!

Now you know how to assemble a nice bouquet!

Last updated: 2014-09-30
Section: News
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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