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St.Valentine's Day

All we knows that February has at least one warm day, despite the weather outside, because this day all hearts in love are beating harder as they are beating together.
St.Valentines' Day has been celebrated worldwide for many centuaries. History of the holiday is considered to be from the reign of Emperor Claudius II. At the time of the Roman army was in desperate need of soldiers, and the emperor believed that the reason for this weekness is that marriages distract soldiers from the important things. In this regard, Claudius II imposed a ban on marriages of foreign soldiers. However, he could not to prohibit young people to fall in love. According to one legend, there lived a field doctor and priest Valentine from Terni, who was not afraid of the imperial anger and secretly married the youth. Apparently, he was a desperate romantic, as Valentine did not only helped to legitimize the relationship, but also helped to make up a quarrel between couples, taught them to write love letters and introduced the tradition of giving flowers to the loved ones. Soon the emperor denounced the illegal actions of the priest, for which he was imprisoned and later executed. However, in prison Valentine had fallen in love with the jailer's daughter Julia, and left a love letter and signed it "Your Valentine", initiating the modern tradition to give little love cards called 'Be my Valentine'. 
Today Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world. In Japan, this day people give sweets, especially chocolate, Denmark hearts present dried white flowers, the French lovers give jewels, the British sweethearts prepare flowers and stuffed toys. The symbol of Valentine's Day is the red rose, so bouquets of red roses are the most popular on February 14.
Hurry up to place your order for February, 14 as it's coming up very soon. There is a special selection with bouquets, presents and greetings for St.Valentine's Day.

Last updated: 2013-02-05
Section: News
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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