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Winners of the contest "Love declaration"

1st place:Марина, who loves Виталика from Винница(maren1623@mail.ru)

2nd place:Александр, who loves Светлану from Киев(nk-pa@ya.ru)

3d place:Антон, who loves Викторию from Херсон(bibtopok@gmail.com)

10 winners who get 15% discount:

Слава, who loves Зинулю(Одесса)___ sladem@ukr.net

Warren, who loves Анну(Алушта)___ wterriberry@hotmail.com

Эллария, who loves Торреро (Киев-Херсон)___ еllaria@list.ru

Татьяна, who loves Мужа(Киев)___ tsid15@gmail.com

Светлана, who loves Его(Киев)___ setlana@ukr.net

Оксана, who loves Себя(Киев)___ kadmeja@ukr.net

Димка, who loves Люську(Днепропетровск)___ zn_demon@bigmir.net

Олег, who loves Катю(Полтава)___ dvigalet@ukr.net

Валера, who loves Аню(Одесса)___ shevchenko24@hotmail.com

Ленуля, who loves Колюню(Глухов)___hellig1@rambler.ru

The instructions of using the prize you will find in the e-mail that you put in the promo application form.

We extend our sincere gratitude, and looking forward your participating in our contests again. Thank you!
Last updated: 2008-12-08
Section: News
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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