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Organize the Spring Festival for Yourself!

The most important holiday of spring - International Women's Day – is approaching. We want to appeal to the beautiful half of humanity, hero of the occasion. Undoubtedly, every woman deserves to be presented with care and attention.  On March 8, you can celebrate it, accept gifts, flowers, attention and invite guests. You can not celebrate, in order to remind everyone that you are a woman and any other day of the year. Or you can give up on all this fuss hand and arrange a holiday on your own!

Slumber party Italian style

In Italy, the International Women's Day celebration is not accepted as we are accustomed to. In a country of pizza and spaghetti the concept of the holiday is completely different: the ladies fest in the company of their girlfriends, mothers or sisters. They are resting from men, so to speak, and they have no right to protest, it is a holiday after all!

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And if you think, how often do we have days when we can justifiably put all worries aside and shift all problems on manly shoulders of a strong half of mankind? March 8 is a "legitimate" reason to leave alone children, husband, cooking, washing and cleaning. So feel free to take girlfriends and go have fun:

  • go to the sauna with the best friends. Not only it is extremely useful for health, it is also a great place to talk about memories, dreams and little gossips. Massage will bring even more pleasure, mint tea and pat brooms - and you'll feel refreshed and happy;
  • home beauty salon - is an interesting option to spend the day in the women's close circle? Arrange each other spa treatments for face, hair, body, manicure / pedicure, accompanying this with groovy music, champagne and sweets. It is possible that after the arrangement of such beauty you will want to go to some cultural place!
  • for those who could escape only for a few hours even on a holiday, there are always cozy gatherings in the girl's favorite cafe or pastry shop with sweets, delicious wine, jokes, music, and discussion of everything that comes into your head! The most important things are loved ones near and pleasant atmosphere.

Women's "Independence Day"

Some women may well prefer to dedicate this day only to themselves, not sharing it with anyone else. Think about what you have wanted to do for a long time, but did not dare to / did not have time / opportunity?

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On this day, everything is permitted:

  • visit a literature evening, theater, buy a movie ticket;
  • go to the master class, any you want, whether it's pole dance lesson or pottery;
  • arrange a day of shopping, walk around the shopping centers, boutiques and shops.

And maybe for you  March 8 carries no value except a deserved public holiday? In this case, it's a great reason to turn off office phone, take a ticket and drive off in distant lands, or at least a nearby town, enjoy the beautiful architecture, the spirit of freedom and go out for an adventure.

And in general, is not so important how to celebrate March 8, as long as you always have a holiday in your heart!

Last updated: 2015-03-04
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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