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Purple Wedding - the Trend of Spring 2015

In the last few years weddings in some particular style or theme became much more popular. This option is ideal for lovers who are committed to the classics, but, nevertheless, want to bring their celebration up to the ideals of the best weddings in the world. The combination of the original and traditional notes in the ceremony is called the European wedding style, and more and more couples in various countries dwell on it to celebrate one of the most important days in their lives.

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Purple Europe

What is the essence of European style? The bride and groom have to choose a certain color, which set the tone for the entire ceremony. It has to be traceable in all organizational moments and in the images of the spouses and guests. Purple is considered to be one of the most trendy and showy colors for celebration, and organizing a wedding with this thematic shade is pretty simple. The main thing is to know how to correctly choose accents and what to look for.

Purple wedding is an absolute trend this spring. And no matter how much we say we are tired of this color, still it is hard to stop brides from using it. Purple is a very rich tone, it can be called charming, magical and even mysterious. Just a shade of violet is considered luxurious and respectable, it represents not only the harmony of man and the world, but also people who are confident and self-motivated. With the help of it newlyweds will be able to emphasize the same goals in life, as well as how perfectly they complement each other.

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Violet wedding

In almost all languages ​​of the world ambiguous charming violets gave the name of this color. Its delicate petals symbolize youth and beauty of the bride. We have decided to allocate a few basic rules for the use of purple color in the wedding ceremony:

1. The newlyweds’ and guests’ outfits. Not every bride decides to wear a dress of deep purple color on her wedding day, despite the fact that this color looks fantastic. If you decided to stay in the classic snow-white attire, it looks very beneficial will purple accessories. Purple shoes and belt will look excellent, as well as jewelry with amethyst and pearls or gorgeous lavender blossoms in bride’s hair. All these rules are also suitable for a groom, it is very important for newlyweds to be of the same color line. A good idea is to "dress" the bridesmaids in miniature purple dresses.

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2. The menu and decor. Like it or not, the decor will emphasize refinement of the chosen color and highlight it from the rest. In European-style wedding it is allowed to focus on any element of the decor. For example, you can start with the invitations, which will be decorated with the purple bows. Tablecloths can be decorated with ribbons of the same shade, which will create a perfect contrast with white tables and utensils, and complete the appropriate table decor with lilac napkins. Live purple flowers will look perfectly in the decoration of the hall, if placed in small pots.

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3. The most unusual accessory for purple wedding can be the bouquet of a bride. For example, it can be decorated with a scattering of purple amethyst, which will be in harmony with the ornaments of the bride. If you prefer traditional bouquets, then pick up the flowers of matching shades - violets, orchids or hyacinths.

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The most important thing in purple-colored wedding is to follow the sense of proportion. Carefully consider all the details, and we are confident that your wedding will be perfect!

Last updated: 2018-08-20
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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