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The history of roses

It is known that roses were grown in many of the early civilizations that were located in the temperate latitudes from 5000 years ago at least. They seem to have been raised in ancient Babylon. As it is known from the records, roses have been grown in Greek and Chinese gardens from 500 B.C. at least. Mostly of the plants grown in these gardens probably belonged to the species gathered from the wild nature.

Garden roses as a rule are hybrid plants. People use them in their private gardens first of all as ornamental plants. A lot of rose types have been produced including the Roses for delivery and the history of roses. , particularly over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

A majority of the garden roses are raised for the flowers, but some roses are valued for such reasons as giving ornamental fruits, hedging, providing ground cover. There is no sole system of classification for garden roses. Altogether, nevertheless, many researchers divide roses on such three groups: old garden, wild and modern garden roses. All of them can be used for roses same day delivery.

The wild roses include species that exist in the natural conditions and certain hybrids of them. These flowers are generally grown in gardens and sometimes used to send roses. The examples of these flowers are Musk Rose, Rosa moschata; Lady Banks' Rose, Rosa banksiae, the Burnet Rose, Rosa pimpinellifolia, Rosa rubiginosa, the Sweetbriar, Rosa foetida, in varieties Persian Double, Harison's Yellow and Austrian Copper. Most of the selected clones of these plants are often reproduced vegetatively.

In comparison to the other garden roses the wild species are shrubs that require a low maintenance. As a rule they tolerate some shade and the poor soil. Generally they are once flowering, but there are some sorts that give large rosehips or have colourful foliage in the autumn.

The old garden roses are defined as any roses which belong to a class that existed before modern roses were introduced in France, in 1867. Old garden roses from the Europe or Mediterranean area are generally woody shrubs that bloom once every year with double-flowered, particulary fragrant blooms. Flowers are primarily in shades of pink, red and white colours. The foliage of the shrubs seems to be greatly disease-resistant. The introduction of the roses from East Asia led to the appearance of the new categories of old garden roses. Majority of the old garden roses is divided into such groups as Alba, Gallica, Damask, Moss, Portland and others. You can order and get delivered roses here.

Last updated: 2013-04-26
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