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Freshness of Flowers

Undoubtedly, we often ask how to choose the long-lived flowers. Certainly, while choosing any flowers one should pay attention to their freshness, but for people who failed to distinguish among flowers will not be able to choose them. It will be useful to consider a few of our advices.

At first, a great deal depends on the sort of colors. For example, an orchid, inserted in a test tube with nourishing solution beforehand can stand the whole month.

It is important to look over the flower - a little petals sear on edges, and robbed or broken legs, will dash in eyes. If the bud of flower is swiped by elastic, there is no guarantee of that a flower will not blossom out at once after the removal of this elastic, and will not peel off at you before you will be able to compliment with him.

Always attentively examine a bud in that place, if you’ll see tracks of pulled  up petals, this flower was already processed. Certainly, external petals at many colors are subject to treatment, but, as a rule, must do it in Your presence. Similarly you will examine petals, if on the ends of petals a dark  strip is visible, look for flowers more freshly. If a dark strip is visible on central petals, don’t buy these flowers

Don’t buy flowers with darkened cut, one should pay attention to it. The correctly done cut is always instrumental in the best satiation of colors by moisture.

It is possible to make an effort to squeeze a bud with fingers, where it joins to the stem, if it is hard by touch, this flower is good. Choosing a flower, it is possible very lights to wave to them in mid air, so you at once will understand, a stem is broken at it or not. Well and last, always pay attention to the flower, than a flower is brighter and more beautiful, that it more fresh.

We always use in composition of our floral and bouquets only the most beautiful and fresh flowers. We will bring the festive mood together with our flowers in Your house or office, and they will make you happy every day.

Last updated: 2018-08-01
Section: Articles
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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