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Travelling through Israel

Israel is a wonderful country, its rather small area fits different climatic zones, seas, mountains, fields and the desert! Here you can spend your time at a resort, where everything is included, and a ride through the scenic spots, historical and architectural monuments.

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Resorts of Israel

This rich country, as we have said, is not only famous for its historical sites and religious shrines. The most demanding tourist can satisfy their most desired whim: from noisy clubs, parties, discos and spas where one can get the best and relaxing stay. Here are just a few places where you can spend an unforgettable holiday:

1. Tel Aviv is a popular resort on the Mediterranean Sea, which enchants all visitors with its dissimilarity to the rest of the capitals of the world, the gorgeous beaches, delicious food and vibrant nightlife. If suddenly you become tired of city life and crowds of people, you have to go to Herzliya - a small resort town, in other words, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. There are several hotels at the quiet, cozy beaches and small restaurants.

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2. Dead Sea, Ein Bokek. In general, Israel resorts on the Dead Sea are famous for their healing properties, which come from a unique composition of salt and sea mud. So do not expect that there will be few people! The resort oasis Ein Bokek has many centers where tourists will be offered sulfur mud baths, inhalation, massage and other treatments.

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3. Red Sea, Eilat is located in the southern part of Israel. This resort is perfect for lovers of night adventures and parties, as well as scuba diving. Eilat is surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve. Hop on the bus, go in the direction of Ovdy, and then walk back to the city (about half an hour), and views of nature simply blow your mind.

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What to see in Israel?

If you already have warmed in the sun and soak in water, it's time to make a tour trough the sacred or just beautiful places.

  • Mount Zion became the symbol of the Promised Land for the Jews of the world;
  • Western Wall is the main shrine in Judaism, which can be seen not only by the believer, but by anyone. The main thing is not to forget that the Western Wall is a place where people pray and observe the rules of behavior (for example, men are required to wear a bale, hat, which are issued at the entrance).

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  • Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Crowds of tourists eager to see the Wailing Wall constantly intersect with people willing to visit the main Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. It is believed that the Prophet Muhammad met three of the prophets in this place and said a prayer, and then ascended to heaven.
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is located in the heart of the Christian quarter, and includes the crucifixion of Christ, the tomb where he was buried, and then rose again. The tomb is the main altar of the church and place of pilgrimage for Christians.

All attractions of Israel cannot be describes with words, it will take a very long time. So pack the suitcases and go to Israel on vacation - you will be satisfied for sure!


Last updated: 2015-06-12
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