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Useful Plants for the Office

Everyone knows that working in the office brings a lot of harm to our health. Sedentary work, dry air, computer, air conditioning, snacks in the workplace - all this together undermines our immune system every day and creates serious problems with our back, eyes, digestive and respiratory organs. In order to somehow reduce the harm from work in the office, we offer you to green your workplace. Potted plants will decorate a room, give it vitality and at the same time stand a useful service.

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What are the benefits of green plants in the office?

Purification. In offices where there are always lots of people, the air is saturated with various bacteria and germs. Plants delay harmful microbes in the gaseous statewith the absorption of air. Conifers, for example juniper and rosemary, have more bactericidal effect than others.

Saturation. Naturally there is an excess of carbon dioxide in a crowded room. From school biology lessons we all remember that the plants absorb the most carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Thus,  with lots of green plants the concept of "closeness" is not familiar.

Moistening. In the summer, when it's hot, cool office with air-conditioning seems as grace from above. But there is another side to the coin: constantly running air conditioner makes the air dry. And the leaves of plants evaporate a certain amount of moisture while releasing oxygen.

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Furthermore, plants have beneficial effect on vision, as the green color gives the eyes a chance to rest from the computer monitor. Plants can be anti-stressful at work. Most flowering plants have a pleasant smell, which calms and relieves stress. Also if the office is located next to the smoking area, the pelargonium or carnations in a place are essential.

Top 5 most useful office plants

The leader among the plants to clean the air is a herb called Chlorophytum. 6 pots of this plant are able to clean the room of 20 square meters. The leaves absorb toxins, which are released by synthetic finishing materials. In addition, it is best suited for the office, because it is very tough. Chlorophytum stands for almost a month without irrigation and lives up to 10 years!

Another useful plant for the office is ficus, the living air cleaner. This very undemanding plant effectively refreshes and purifies the air. In addition, ficuses are almost hypoallergenic and are allowed to put even near a baby crib.

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The record-holder among the houseplants on the absorption of carbon dioxide is English ivy. But it is not the only advantage of this plant: English ivy is a natural sorbent, which purifies the air from salts of heavy metals and toxins. The presence of such a plant is particularly important in basement offices and those located along highways.

A beautiful dieffenbachia is the perfect decoration of any office. This houseplant has a size large enough not only for creating the appearance of a lot of greenery in the room, but actually multipliing its efficiency. Dieffenbachia significantly improves the air quality in a crowded room.

Fern, one of the oldest plants on the planet, can solve the problem of lack of air in the room where many people work. It moistens over-dried conditioned air. Fern also disinfects the air saturated with microbes.

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Now that you know the top five plants that are suitable for office, greening the workplace will be much easier. The green area in the room will help keep you healthy and make the daily work much more pleasant.

Last updated: 2016-07-18
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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