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Using Rose Petals...

Once upon a time the goddess Flora, who was strucked by an arrow of Cupid (Eros) loved him with all her heart. But he has not loved her, and then she created a flower, which combined the feelings of joy and sorrow, laughter and tears. Seeing how well the plant is, Flora decided to show it to her lover. But to call him, instead of "Eros" she could only cry "Ros". Since then, a great plant with stunning petals began to call the rose.

Legend of rose
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This legend tells about the great sympathy, which unfortunately, is not mutual. That is why the red rose is considered to be the queen of all flowers, which represents a sincere love, passion and purity. It is not surprising that it ranks first among the most popular plants. In addition to the beauty and symbolism, rose has other interesting properties. Today we tell you about this beautiful flower and about using rose petals.

Rose petals
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Using rose petals in cookery

Herbal tea

Even in ancient Rome, such a beautiful plant was grown solely because of its medicinal and useful properties. Prepare the tea of this red queen, and then your body will say thank you! According to doctors, regular consumption of beverages like these will help to cure a wide range of serious illnesses, ranging from poor work of the heart and digestive tract to diseases which relate to the nervous system.

Due to the content of macro- and micronutrients like selenium, iodine, chromium, magnesium, iron and zinc in the petals of roses together with proper use of tea, your body will be healthy and beautiful. It will also help to cope with insomnia. Drink the cup of warm tea with rose petals before bedtime, and soon you will sleep soundly.

Rose herbal tea
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Honey and rose petals jam

Honey of rose petals - is not only delicious, but also quite useful! It is often used for chronic diseases and inflammatory ailments.

If you have respiratory diseases and pneumonia, just take one tablespoon of this "drink", take it three times per day and then you will feel much better. If you are tired and need to have some relax it is easy to do with tasty rose petals jam. Simple to make and very useful jam could help you to cope with stress and bad mood.

Rose petals jam
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Petals are usually used in the design of almost any celebration. For example, at the wedding, you can cover the paths leading to the arch with red petals, scatter it on the holiday table, or add to a sweet cake. There is a tradition to strew rose petals on couple of newlyweds, who are leaving the registry office.

Rose wedding decoration
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In this way, you can notice that rose escorted us to the most important and happy days. Enamored young man always chooses these flowers as decoration for romantic dinner or a special evening where it might make the declaration of love or wedding propose. Girls also will choose rose petals to give the evening the atmosphere of romance and coziness.

Romantic ideas using rose petals
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It is s not a new fact that rose petals have long since found a useful application in cosmetology. You can make lotions and face masks, which are struggling with unwanted pigmentation and irritation. Also, from a plant people always extracts special oils which are added to salves, lotions and even perfumes.

Using rose petals in cosmetology
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And, of course, who has not heard of a relaxing bath with rose petals - you surely should try it. It's really relaxing!

Bath with rose petals
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Use beautiful roses not even as a gift, but also in decor of your house or celebration! And, of course, please your dearest person with luxury rose bouquet not even in important days, but also as a way to say "I love you!"

Last updated: 2015-10-15
Section: Articles
Author: Vitalina Mellertakh
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