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Valley of Flowers in India: the Magic of Colors

Bright colors of spring

Beautiful parks and valleys of flowers all over the world make us happy with its incredible colors and shades. In all corners of the globe magnificent flower festivals are held, they dazzle everyone with wonderful sculptures and landscape designes. Millions of tulips, carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, peonies and hyacinths on hundreds of acres of parks, alleys and gardens make the city look like a rainbow. At the same time, simple flowers growing on roadsides bring a touch of tenderness and a fresh breath of pure nature into our lives. To see how flowers can change the appearence of simple city streets, click here.

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Perhaps the most spectacular paintings are the fields and canyons filled with flowers. The National Park "Valley of Flowers" in India is one of these incredible natural masterpieces.

The incredible Valley of Flowers

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This park is located in mountains, between the heights of the Great Himalayas and Zaskar, and is one of the most beautiful and well-known wildlife sanctuaries on Earth. In addition to the billions of delicate flowers, it is also home for rare animals, including the snow leopard, yellow marten, Himalayan bear and blue sheep. Also several species of birds live here, such as snowy doves, hawks, pheasants, eagles, Himalayan ulary etc.

This park was founded in 1982 and is over than 30 years old. In 2005 Valley of Flowers has been included in the World Heritage List. Nowadays, more than 500 species of all kinds of flowers and herbs grow here, some of which are almost non-existent in the world (blue poppy, for example).

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Also a forest of rhododendrons and birch trees is a part of the territory of this amazing park. Many of the "inhabitants" have healing properties, and are widely used in traditional medicine for the residents of nearby settlements. Residents of this region have long been aware of the wonderful valley surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, because it was originally inhabited by fairies. Of course, who else can live in such a beautiful place? Also, you can read about the most amazing places in the world in our article.

Useful facts about the trip to the valley

So, if you decided to visit this natural wonder of the world, we advise you to be prepared: it is not easy to get there. The rise into the mountains is about 17 kilometers uphill, therefore your journey can last quite a while. If you wish, this path can be overcome on a rented horse or donkey. It is best to visit the valley of flowers in summer, because at other times of year this mountainous region is quite cold, temperatures can drop to 17 degrees below zero.

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When you reach your final destination, you'll be amazed by its incredible beauty of colors and landscapes. The park also has a wonderful lake surrounded by seven mountain peaks.

Enjoy the splendor of nature in spring on your journey, and, in the words of Oscar Wilde, «Nothing can cure the soul but the senses».

Last updated: 2016-07-18
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Author: ua-flowers.com
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