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Vintage Style Clothing, Interior and Floral Design

When a word «vintage» first appeared, it meant not what we mean now. Originally, the term meant aged French wine, but it caught on and grew into the definition of a direction, and later a whole style. Modern fashion designers are actively using vintage theme in their work, creating a truly luxurious garments and interior soaked in the spirit of a certain era. It is not surprising that in recent decades there has been a real boom of vintage style. But what is the essence of it?

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Vintage is a bright stylization of directions that existed during the 20th century. Such determination may cause confusion, as a reflection of the past also makes retro style. In fact, there are strict limits: things which are from 30 to 60 years old, no more no less, are considered as vintage. And everything older is antique or retro.

Vintage style in the interior

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The room under the heading of vintage looks cozy, elegant and at the same time simple. This interior is more likely to be chosen by natures who aren't deprived of romance and sentimentality. To achieve stylistic consistency when designing the room, it is important to remember that vintage style in the interior implies:

  • aged things. This may be the original furniture of 50s-60s of the 20th century, or a new, made specially antique - it does not matter;
  • pale shades - pink, beige, blue-gray, gray-green - which, however, can be combined with bright colors;
  • variety of decorative things: vases, pictures and mirrors in forged framework, porcelain figurines, napkins, embroidered pillows, bouquets and arrangements of dried flowers;
  • floral print. This is not a mandatory feature of the style, but frequent in decorating ceilings and walls. Floral motives are also often present on textiles, tableware and other decorative things.

Vintage style clothing

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To comply with vintage style clothing, you need to focus primarily on high-end fashion trends of the last century. Moreover, things have to be of high quality and preferebly from famous designers - Saint-Laurent, Coco Chanel, Pierre Cardin and others. That is why the full vintage image can cost unreal sums. But there is no need to be worried: today fashion industry offers combination. Even with a pair of exclusive bagatelles, you can recreate the image in the style of pin-up, hippies or dandies.

Wedding in vintage style

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We more than once told about popular wedding tendencies therefore we will remind only as the bouquet in vintage style has to look:

  • asymmetric shape;
  • discreet, pastel colors similar to each other: a bouquet in a vintage style cannot be made in contrasting colors;
  • splendor and volume are another distinctive features of such a composition. To achieve the effect of lightness, florists often use English roses, peonies and hydrangeas;
  • decoration is intended to include dried twigs, succulents, and also ribbons, brooches, black-and-white photos in frames, and other things referring to the past.
Last updated: 2014-12-12
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Author: ua-flowers.com
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