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Wedding Bouquets of Celebrities

Fashion girls from around the world don’t stop looking for all the trends, and of course most of the celebrities are trend setters. Many of the fans thoroughly inspect not only casual and glamorous evening looks but also wedding dresses of their idols, especially before their own ceremonies. And quite a lot of their attention is devoted to celebrities’ wedding bouquets which are second most important element after bride’s dress!

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Whenever we hear the word ‘bride’, our imagination draws a look that includes a bouquet. We all understand that it must correspond with the overall style and color scheme of the wedding gear. It is also very important to select correct flowers composing the bride’s bouquet.

Royal Wedding Bouquets

If we compare all the most important royal weddings we will see that a royal bride’s bouquet must include lilies of the valley. The flowers symbolize purity, big happiness and sincere love. However, they can be used in different ways.

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Princess Diana’s wedding bouquet was just grandiose! It was longer than 1 meter and weighted around 5 kg — while serving as a great addition to her not less grandiose dress. In consisted of:

  • lilies of the valley;
  • greens — ivy and myrtle;
  • gardenia and freesia;
  • yellow roses.

Wedding bouquet of the second wife of Prince Charles — Camilla Parker-Bowles — was much more laconic, and it is still considered an example of the flawless English style. In addition to lilies of the valley it included delicate primroses of different color shades.

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Wedding bouquets of Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly were somewhat similar — same as their dresses. Grace Kelly’s bouquet was unbelievably simple and elegant, and it was made of only lilies of the valley. However, Kate decided to complete her bouquet with Sweet William carnations (maybe dedicated to her future husband), myrtle, hyacinths and ivy. 

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Nicole Kidman is another style icon of today. Her round classic bouquet was very fresh and original. It consisted of gardenia and unopened buds of white peonies.

Another example of modesty and traditional grace is Marcia Cross. Her elegant small bouquet consisted of roses, peonies and lilacs. Marcia’s movie set partner — unique and stylish Eva Longoria — also opted for the light elegance. Her drop-down bouquet was made up of white orchids.

Victoria Beckham’s bouquet was as extravagant as herself. Its flowing composition consisted of willow and birch branches and ivy, and it was decorated with berries and even fresh apples.

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Outstanding Gwen Stefani’s bouquet was far from being trivial. It was compiled from the simple elegant orchids on the basis of her grandmother’s prayer book. Courtney Cox looked very original, too: her wedding bouquet was bright red.

Are you inspired? Then compose your bouquet the way your own heart and taste tell you to. And don’t worry if by chance it will look similar to someone else’s — this happens!

Last updated: 2014-10-16
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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