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Wedding in Blue: Ideas for Design

Weddings in European style has long been a traditional option for organization of this exciting celebration. As we wrote earlier, mischievous wedding in fuchsia, as well as fresh green wedding are the most popular types of holiday bright.

At the same time, current trends suggest to mark the triumph of romantic couples with blue color, color of saturation, as the sea waters and the azure sky.

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The meaning of blue in a wedding decoration

This color is the most favorable in designation of the future family life, over the years it gained many symbolic meanings:

  • prudence, loyalty (Christ.);
  • stability, generosity (West.)
  • wisdom, creativity (Ind.);
  • protection against negative forces (Ind.);
  • the depth and purity of family relationships;
  • support.

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Choosing rich indigo as the basis for your wedding will immediately lay the foundation for your future relationship, witness your devotion to higher values of family and commitment to support partner.

Designing weddings in blue colors

The bright and festive celebration in deep beautiful shades of blue opens a huge number of possibilities. At the same time, it is necessary to be careful not to overdo it with the brightness. You should choose a few details to be made in the "sea"  combination of white and ultramarine, or specifically in the blue palette.

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Decorating the room. It would be nice to give preference to the tandem of blue and white, with a predominance of the latter. Decorate the white screen with spectacular sapphire blue, set lovely bouquets of fresh flowers on tables. Let invitation will also be carried out in tandem - so you'll be able to set the tone for the future triumph.

The image of the bride. You can leave the color of the dress traditional white, adding a bright ultramarine shoes, clutch and flowers in the bride’s hair.

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The image of the groom. Saturated tie against a background of snow-white shirt would look very elegant and refined. The boutonniere can also be in color of bright spring sky. Sapphire blue jacket  looks very stylish in the image of the groom.

Wedding bouquet. One of the special items in this celebration is the bridal bouquet. It can be in tone with a dress and matching decor. For its production it is better to use a mix of blue and white seasonal flowers:

  • irises;
  • cornflowers;
  • blue poppies;
  • blue roses;
  • asters;
  • orchids;
  • aquilegia;
  • wild hyacinths.

Wedding cakes can also be made in the colors of the sea.

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If you decide to create an unusual combination for your exclusive wedding, then it is worth remembering that the red and green are the terrible companions. It is best to complement the color of the sky with yellow sunlight, combining the warm ocher and icy cold tones. Silver and gold look very refined and stylish. A summer wedding  can be supplemented with the blue shades of turquoise. At the same time remember that  a blue-violet wedding looks very gently.

Choose a celebration in the most delicate shades, and let one of the most important days in your life be ideal!

Last updated: 2016-07-12
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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