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Wedding in Fuchsia: Bright Ideas

Previously we have already talked about the European weddings, which are held in a specific color theme. In our articles you can see examples of wedding in a mysterious purple color as well as pleasant, romantic and spring green ceremony. This time, we offer you dilute the delicate snow-white wedding with a bright accent - fuchsia.  

Fuchsia is brighter and more sensual than any other color. It will help you create a very lively, playful and relaxed atmosphere of the ceremony. With the help of this beautiful color you can pick out any item to make it more visible, because luscious shades will attract everyone's attention. We hope that this overview will help you find a lot of useful ideas and, of course, the inspiration for a spring wedding in fuchsia.

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Wedding in bright color

You should be extremely careful with such vibrant tone like fuchsia, as it can cause an abundance of satiety color. We have prepared some tips on using bright shades at the ceremony specially for the brave and cheerful brides.

1. Fuchsia dress will look very catchy, like a huge bright spot on the white bedspread of ceremony. That is why we advise brides to choose outfits of gentle ivory, sand or beige shades.

2. In matters relating to accessories, you can rely only on your fantasy. Fuchsia by its nature is a very rich color, so it should be used in the details for bridal image. Shoes in juicy shades, clutches, hair accessory or jewelry will look very expensive and  appropriate in combination with a light dress.

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3. One of the main accessories that complement the image of the bride is a wedding bouquet. Fuchsia is perfect for a wedding bouquet: for example, lush peonies will look amazing in a monobouquet, or in combination with ranunculus or peony- roses.

4. Rules regarding fuchsia dress do not apply to the bridesmaids. Nevertheless, they have to be ready for it, because in this dress they always will be in a centre of attention!

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5. Bright accents can also be used in the boutonniere of the groom, add color to his socks or use it in cake decoration, invitations, decoration of tables and chairs. In general, you are limited only by your imagination!

If you follow all the advice that we have collected in this article, you will manage the task of preparing the celebration perfectly well!

Last updated: 2015-04-22
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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