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Winter Wedding Bouquet

Wedding is one of the most important events in life of every person. You have to admit, at this day everything has to be perfect! Winter has its charm, snow-white wedding dress combines perfectly with fresh snow. Wedding arrangement, which is made in accordance with the seasons, always looks stylish and appropriate.

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Features of winter bouquet

First of all, think about in what weather conditions your bouquet would have to survive. If your winters are warm and snowless, the choice of flowers is significantly expanding. But cold winter is not for every plant, because the bride must be dazzling throughout the solemn day, and the bouquet should look fresh at its best.

Winter wedding bouquet should be created from flowers, which are resistant to frost and temperature changes, because you probably will often change the room to the street. You must be absolutely sure that the bouquet will survive a trip to the registrar, wedding photo session and gala evening with dancing. Most often, the bride want to hold of snowdrops, cornflowers and lilies of the valley, but so fragile flowers are unlikely to fulfill the destiny of winter bouquet.

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  • winter is the peak season for ranunculus which in its beauty in no way inferior to pions. With delicate, lacy edges and a wide variety of colors, they will look beneficially at the background of snow-white dress and a winter landscape;
  • carnation is one of the most resistant to frost flowers. You should not biased toward it, because carnation as a part of the bouquet creates ineffable beauty of the composition, moreover, there is now a huge selection of different types and shades;
  • roses  are a classic of flower arranging, and if you experiment with shades, you can create a bright dominant note, which will draw attention to flowers;
  • anemones of snow-white color blend perfectly with the winter landscape and frosty patterns. The structure of the petals of this flower is surprisingly gentle and mild, and they seem to be almost translucent.

What to add besides flowers?

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In order to give a bouquet of similarity with a beautiful piece of the winter forest, there are many tricks and additional materials. After all, where it is written that it is necessary to dwell exclusively on the flower bouquet version?

  • one of the elements in the winter bouquet certainly is cotton. Weightless cotton balls in a composition create light, airy and romantic image;
  • coniferous accessories, such as lumps or spruce branches with needles will always be relevant to the winter ceremony, especially if covered inartificial snow;
  • cinnamon twigs will look original, contrasting with white robes, and giving a bouquet an exquisite flavor. Add more buds of lemon or orange peel, and your flowers will not be equal.

We will share a little secret with you: your bridal bouquet will be even more beautiful if you add a lace. On the delicate flowers it looks like a frosty pattern, only in contrast to the beautiful pictures of ice, it will not disappear from the heat of the hands and will decorate the image of the bride all day!

Last updated: 2014-12-26
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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